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Stunishing Rocky Attractions Of Norway

Maybe you will feel funny just by looking at these pictures, especially if you’re afraid of heights. These are some really crazy heights, I don’t even understand how people dare to walk on the edges. What you see is some rock formations if Norway that are huge tourist attractions; Trolltunga, Kjeragbolten and Preikestolen. You will experience some unforgettable views when reaching the top of each destination, that’s for sure.


Kjeragbolten is a huge rock that is stuck between two hill sides. A lot of tourist dare to stand on it, but if something happens and it falls down…well, we wouldn’t like that to happen because it’s a drop of 984 meters. For a lot of base jumpers the Kjeragbolten is a popular diving place.

 Kjerag is also a popular climbing destination, with many difficult routes going up its steep faces.

 Kjerag is also a popular climbing destination, wiIt is possible to walk onto the rock without any equipment, but there is a direct 1000 m drop below down to Lysefjorden, so to walk onto it requires good nerves and steady feet. The name means “Kjerag Boulder” or “Kjerag Bolt”.th many difficult routes going up its steep faces.

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 The name is possibly a compound of kje ‘kid’ and ragg ‘goat’s hair, shag’. The rough surface of the mountainside have then been compared with the shaggy hair of a kid goat.


The Preikestolen  is located above Lysefjorden. It’s a giant cliff that has a drop of 604 meters straight down. It takes about 3 hours of hiking and some areas are really steep

 The walk to Preikestolen is very steep in places. The path starts at the Preikestolhytta, at an elevation of approximately 270 metres (886 feet) above sea level, and climbs to 604 metres (1982 feet). The hike takes 1-3 hours depending on experience and fitness level.

 Even though the elevation differential is only 334 metres (1096 feet) and the walk is not particularly long (3.8 km each way), the total elevation gain and loss over the course of the hike is more than one might initially expect, as the path climbs and descends various ridges

 The walk is not recommended in winter and spring when there is snow and ice and the track may be slippery. Best season to hike the trail is from April to October. Sturdy shoes and rain gear are recommended for the hike.


Trolltunga is the one where the rock looks like a tongue that’s sticking out in the air, hence the name which means troll’s tongue. It’s located above Skjeggedal in Odda.

 There are both stairs and a path that guide visitors the first 950 meters, and from there marked hiking trails lead visitors the rest of the way

 Cabins in the area are owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association, where it is possible to spend the night.

The area opens up to the rest of Hardangervidda, and can be a starting point for a longer hike to, for example, HÃ¥rteigen.

All of the three places are worth visiting. Another beautiful location in Norway is Lofoten, a paradise for fishermen.

Concordia Research – The Loneliest Place On Earth

Have you ever wondered how the end of this planet looks like? Now you guys got the chance. On the Antarctic Plateau in Antarctica there is located the Concordia Research Station which operate every day every year.

 The summer temperature tend to be -25C, so just imagining the winter makes you scared. You would maybe think that this research station is run by Russians, but no, the truth is that it’s partly French and partly Italian.

 It mostly measures climate and atmosphere but you never know, but the air has hardly pollution so it makes it perfectly fit for research. Just imagine how it was to built this station; they had to do it during the little warmer summers.

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 It is about 500 kilometers away from humans and it opened in 2005. And when I say humans, I mean people that work on the nearest station, so the Concordia is even further away population, and you can say that it’s the most lonely place on earth.

 The workers use a lot of days just to get out there from where their airplane left them 1100 kilometer away.

 There are no plants of animals, except for some seabirds called “skua”. Another place that is perfect for research is on the Norwegian island Svalbard.

An Ancient Computer From The Past

They say it’s the oldest computer ever. Well, I wouldn’t actually say computer, but there may be some similarities. I’m talking about the astrolabe. It’s basically an elaborate inclinometer, historically used by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers. It was mainly used to locate and predict the positions of the sun, the moon, planets, and stars. Visually it’s a golden and lovely instrument

They work in a way where you  you input information and then you receive output, just like a computer, right? They are about 6 inch or more in diameter, and in the middle you can see how the sky is drawn with 20 stars. Finding the time of day or night, could be solved with the astrolabe as well as being able to find out what time the sun would rise and set.

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 It’s no wonder they couldn’t do without this magnificent instrument back in the acient days. It was used in Classical Antiquity, through the Islamic Golden Age, the European Middle Ages and Renaissance for all these purposes, so you can say it was pretty popular. So this was the first computer, but what about the first calculators.

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Son Express His Love on Facebook

He is simply very happy and gives thanks to his parents. Very cute. 09 more images after the break...