Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best Places to Photograph


Iconic Shot: Besides penguins? Any view that encompasses Antarctica's vast scale and distances.

Photo: Person at bow of ship in Antarctica

                        Venice, Italy

Iconic Shot: Gondolas on the Grand Canal

Photo: Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice

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                 Machu Picchu, Peru

Iconic Shot: From the terraces above, where Hiram Bingham made the original photographs for National Geographic magazine

Photo: Llamas overlooking Machu Picchu, Peru

                Stonehenge, England

Iconic Shot: The sun's rays intersecting with the stones in some way

Photo: Stonehenge at sunset

                  Taj Mahal, India

Iconic Shot: Down the reflecting pool, framing the Taj between the minarets

Photo: Taj Mahal and reflecting pool

                    Easter Island

Iconic Shot: Tongariki with the long row of moai looming above

Photo: Line of statues on Easter Island

         Ta Prahm Temple, Cambodia

Iconic Shot: The temple's doors framed by roots

Photo: Tree roots engulfing Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

              The Serengeti, Tanzania

Iconic Shot: Symbolic views and shapes that evoke primeval emotions

Photo: Male lion stalking in tall grass, Serengeti

         The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Iconic Shot: Exploring their many alignments, from a distance for stacked shapes, up close for the intimate connections

Photo: Sphinx and pyramids at Giza

                 Papua New Guinea

Iconic Shot: The faces in the dances, characters brought to life

Photo: Huli Wigmen in Papua New Guinea


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