Friday, August 24, 2012

Amazing Hotel of Pipes — Mexico

new eco-hotel in Mexico made of concrete pipes makes it a good negosyo
idea here in the Philippines. Combining the concept of pod-like hotel
rooms, with the growing trend of eco-responsible tourism and the use of
waste materials for construction, architects T3arc have created the 20
room Tubohotel made from recycled concrete pipes. As you can see in the
picture above it also looks good and enticing to sleep in there.

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by dasparkhotel which opened in Germany in 2006, T3arc have extended
the concept by stacking pipes to form two mini pyramids with ladders to
access the upper level. Located 45 minutes south of Mexico City, T3arc
completed the project in three months, furnishing the 2.44m by 3.5m
pipes with a queen-size bed, desk light and fan, with space for under
bed storage. Unlike dasparkhotel which operates a pay-as-you-wish
system, rooms at Tubohotel are priced at USD 42 a night, which they hope
will attract backpackers and those looking for alternative and unique
accommodation that won’t break the bank. Unfortunately the cement pipe
doesn’t allow for bathroom facilities, but there are two communal
bathhouses onsite with private showers.

Tubohotel and dasparkhotel have explored the possibilities of using
unwanted construction materials in natural surroundings to create hotels
that are cheap and quick to build, better for the environment and boast
the benefits of affordability and a quirky experience for visitors.
This is a nice inspiration for us here in the Philippines. Great to put
up along highways for travelers. 



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