Thursday, August 23, 2012

National Park Coastlines PIx

 Rio Grande River, Big Bend National Park

Coral Reef, American Samoa National Park

Photograph by Randy Olson, National Geographic

American Samoa National Park’s two coral atolls and five
volcanic islands are treasures highly regarded by the people of
Polynesia’s oldest culture, who help manage the park. Samoa is also home
to miles of pristine beach on the sparsely populated island of Ofu,
fringed by a 350-acre (140-hectare) coral reef.

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Otter Cliffs, Acadia National Park

Photograph by Ian Shive, Aurora Photos

sunset, fog swirls around mossy rocks at the base of Otter Cliffs, one
of the highest coastal headlands north of Rio de Janeiro. Most of
Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island, Maine, a wooded
piece of land surrounded by bays, harbors, and an island-dotted

Diving, Virgin Islands National Park

school of silverside fish envelops a night diver in Virgin Islands
National Park. The warm Caribbean waters around St. John island are
home to fringing coral reefs—beautiful, complex, and exceedingly fragile
communities of plants and animals, upon which St. John's famous
beaches depen


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