Monday, August 27, 2012

Portraits of Musicians from their own CD

 What better way to recreate the
likeness of greats such as Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix,
Bob Marley, James Brown, Freddie Mercury, and Elvis than to depict them
using their music as a medium Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco used an
array of the musicians’ own albums to create portraits that stunningly
capture the facial expressions and body language of each icon. But the
project is more than just a tribute to thee stars. It’s part of Piracy, a
campaign against illegal file sharing by the advertising agency TBWA
based on the idea that these deceased musicians were cheated out of
their success and ultimately brought down by music piracy. The theme is
underscored in an accompany video, which shows Michael Jackson literally
withering away as CDs swallow him up. 08 more images after the break...


the images are visually stunning, like Visual News, we’re not sure the
campaign entirely adds up. Why was TBWA moved to illustrate the ill
effects of Internet piracy using this particular set of musicians, most
of whom worked during a time that predates file sharing and were
extremely successful during their lives Let us know what you think. Are
these images an interesting way to use art for a relevant cause or an
aesthetically cool campaign whose politics andor execution bother you
Click through to see images and video from Piracy, and head over to
Behance to learn more. Via — Link



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